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Columbus & Central Ohio Felony, Federal, and Misdemeanor Criminal Cases and Results


The summaries below refer to actual cases Attorney Joe Edwards has handled with the client's name kept confidential. The examples provided are not guarantees of future results as each case differs factually and results can vary between clients and courts.


Columbus, and Central Ohio Felony Cases


Rape Charges:

Client in Franklin County charged with multiple counts of rape and kidnapping, trial held, alibi defense asserted at trial, verdict: NOT GUILTY on all counts, case dismissed, no jail time.


Child Endangering Charges:

Client charged with multiple counts of child endangering in Morrow County involving her three children. Trial held: NOT GUILTY on all counts, case dismissed, no jail time.


Rape Charges:

Client charged in Franklin County with multiple counts of rape and kidnapping. Trial held: offered alibi defense and claimed allegations were fabricated, verdict: NOT GUILTY on all counts, case dismissed, no jail time.


Possession of Cocaine:

Client was stopped by the Columbus Police Department. A search of the truck revealed cocaine and 5 pounds of marijuana. Defense filed motion to suppress evidence claiming the police violated Client's 4th Amendment Rights. Motion was granted and the case dismissed.


Possession of Marijuana Charge and Expungement of Conviction:

Client was stopped in Licking County and police found 5 pounds of marijuana in vehicle. Client admitted to police the marijuana was his. Client entered guilty plea Client received probation with no jail time. 3 years later, Client had conviction expunged and today has no record.


Abduction Charges:

Client charged with 2 counts of abduction in Madison County. Trial held: defense argued misidentification, verdict: NOT Guilty on both counts, case dismissed.


Fraud Charges:

Client charged in Franklin County with 8 counts of fraud and theft involving the sale of motor vehicle. Trial held: case dismissed after defense's opening statement, no new charges and no jail time.


Felonious Assault & Domestic Violence Charges:

Client charged with felonious assault and domestic violence in Franklin County. Trial held: defense argued injury was an accident. Prosecution offered plea to misdemeanor after cross-examination of accuser. Client pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, all felony charges dismissed.


Gun Charge (Concealed Weapon):

Client who worked as a title agent and carried large amounts of cash was charged on two separate occasions with carrying concealed weapon. Two trials were held. During trial, defense argued handgun was possessed for protection purposes. Verdict: NOT GUILTY on each case. Cases dismissed. No conviction.


Rape Charges:

Client charged with rape and gross sexual imposition in Franklin County. Client confessed to police. Trial held: defense argued coerced/false confession. Verdict: NOT GUILTY, case dismissed.


Trafficking in Marijuana Charges:

Client, an OSU student, was charged in Franklin County with 2 counts of trafficking in marijuana after direct sales to an undercover officer. Court granted defense's request for Intervention in Lieu of Conviction, treatment program ordered. After completion of the program, case dismissed with no conviction on Client's record.


Drug Offense Charges:

Client charged with 4 counts of trafficking and possession of drugs in Delaware County. Client had previous federal drug conviction. Charges reduced to low-level felonies and Court sentenced Client to probation with no jail time.


Murder Charges:

Client was a security guard charged initially with murder after shooting at apartment complex where he worked. Defense worked and cooperated with the Columbus Police Homicide Unit, investigation showed self-defense. All charges dismissed, no jail time.


Murder Charges:

Client charged in Muskingum County with murder, child endangering and involuntary manslaughter involving the death of an 18 month old child. Investigation and discovery revealed Client did not commit homicide. Client pleaded guilty to 1 count of child endangering, (F3), time served. Murder and manslaughter charges dismissed.


Aggravated Robbery Charges:

Client charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery with a gun. Investigation revealed that Client had a double who looked like him and committed the offense. Defense filed motion and a hearing was held. Three witnesses admitted to mistaken identification. Case dismissed as to all counts, no conviction.


Capital Murder Charges:

Client charged with murder committed during an aggravated robbery of a carryout in Columbus, Ohio. The State sought the death penalty. Defense investigation revealed police misconduct in the identification procedure, prosecution and court agreed. Motion granted, case dismissed.


Rape Charge:

Client charged with rape in Franklin County. Client maintained sexual relations were consensual. Client took and passed a polygraph test but alleged victim refused to take polygraph. Case dismissed with no charges or jail time.


Rape Defense:

Client, an Ohio State student, was charged with rape and kidnapping. Defense investigation revealed that accuser was not credible. Information provided to prosecutor. Case dismissed before indictment was even filed, no charges.


Felonious/Assault Charges:

Client, a medical doctor, was charged with felonious assault and bribery. Trial held. Court declined mistrial due to jury misconduct. prosecution offered to reduce charges to misdemeanor. Client enters plea to misdemeanor and all felonies dismissed. No jail time.


Federal Criminal Cases


Tax Fraud:

Client charged with federal tax fraud in Columbus, Ohio. After a plea of guilty was entered, defense filed motion to reduce sentence. Motion granted. Client received split sentence of 6 months in a halfway house and 6 months home confinement with work privileges. No prison time.


Drug Conspiracy:

Spanish speaking client from Mexico charged with possession of 1 kilogram heroin in federal court. The mandatory minimum sentence for possession for that quantity of heroin is 120 months. Client entered plea of guilty. Defense filed a motion to reduce sentence. Motion was granted and Client was sentenced to 37 months in prison.


Drug Conspiracy:

Client charged with federal drug conspiracy in Columbus, Ohio involving approximately 10,000 pounds of marijuana. Client pleaded guilty to being a "drug courier." Defense filed a motion to reduce sentence and the motion was granted. Client sentence to 32 months in prison. With reduced time for the RDAP program (drug treatment), Client was released to a halfway house after serving 18 months.


Insider Trading/Securities Fraud:

Client charged in Federal Court with conspiracy to commit Insider Trading, Securities Fraud and Obstruction of Justice. 6 week jury trial resulted in a guilty verdict. Sentence 29 months, released to halfway house after 20 months.


Drug Conspiracy:

Client charged with federal drug conspiracy involving over 15,000 pounds of marijuana. Case was in Charleston, WV. Client entered guilty plea. A motion to reduce sentence was filed and granted. Client granted RDAP program and sentenced to 60 months but was released to a halfway house after serving 30 months.


Identity Theft/Insurance Fraud:

Client was under investigation for federal identity theft and insurance fraud in Charleston, WV. Investigation revealed weak case for Government. Client did not plead guilty and Prosecution decided not to file charges. No indictment, no jail time.


Bank Fraud:

Client was charged with bank fraud in Columbus, Ohio arising from her job as a teller. Client pleaded guilty to bank fraud. U.S. Sentencing Guidelines required a prison sentence. Motion to reduce sentenced filed and granted. Client received a split sentence, no prison time.


Child Pornography:

Client charged with federal offense of possessing child pornography on his computer. The material was found after a search warrant executed at his home. Client entered guilty plea. U.S. Sentencing Guidelines recommended a sentence of 60 month. Defense filed a motion to reduce sentence and motion was granted. Client sentenced to 28 months in prison and given RDAP (drug treatment program).


Drug Conspiracy:

Spanish speaking Client originally from Guatemala was charged in federal court with a conspiracy to possess approximately 9 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and possession of a firearm by an illegal alien. Client originally faced 15 years in prison. Plea of guilty to firearm possession. Drug conspiracy charge dismissed. Client received a sentence of 20 months in prison.


Drug Conspiracy:

Client charged with conspiracy to commit and possession with intent to distribute over 50 grams of oxycondone. Client entered a plea of guilty. Sentencing Guidelines recommended sentence of 37-46 months. Client sentenced to 12 months and 1 day, released to halfway house after serving 6 months in prison.


Drug Conspiracy:

Client charged with a conspiracy involving over a 100 kilograms of cocaine. Client was a courier making trips from Columbus to Miami. Client entered a guilty plea and fully cooperated with law enforcement. 26 months prison sentence at minimum security facility with drug treatment.


Columbus and Central Ohio DUI , Traffic, & Misdemeanor Charges


D.U.I. Charge:

Client with a 0.195 BAC Test, over 2 times the legal limit, first offense. Charge reduced to impaired violation. Plea entered. Client attended alcohol counseling and served no jail time.


Second Offense DUI Charge:

Client with a 0.16 BAC Test. Client crashed into police cruiser. Charged reduced to first offense. Client attended alcohol counseling and served no jail time.


D.U.I. Charge:

Client with a 0.26 BAC Test, over 3 times the legal limit. This was the third overall offense for Client. Client pleads guilty to second stipulated offense. Served 10 days in jail and probation.


D.U.I. Charge:

Client charged with D.U.I., second offense, while already on probation for a D.U.I. offense and driving outside of occupation privileges. Plea entered, 15 days in jail and probation continued.


D.U.I. and Domestic Violence Charge:

Client charged with second offense D.U.I., refused to take test. Subsequently, client charged with domestic violence. Client pleads guilty to first offense D.U.I. and receives a 3 day alcohol program. Domestic violence reduced to disorderly conduct, no additional jail time.


D.U.I. Charge:

Client charged with second D.U.I. offense. Client left scene of accident and tested 0.18 two hours after the accident. Case reduced to a minor traffic offense and no D.U.I. conviction. No jail time and no driver's license suspension. Defense successfully argued alcohol consumption occurred after accident but before test.


D.U.I. Charge:

Client passed out in vehicle in fast food drive through lane, second offense overall. Refused to take test. Client entered guilty plea to D.U.I., first offense, 3 days in jail.


D.U.I. Charge:

Client riding motorcycle with no helmet crashes into vehicle in front of him, strikes head, and refuses to take test. Case reduced to reckless operation of a motor vehicle after defense successfully argued poor performance on field sobriety test and slurred speech was the result of head injury not alcohol.


D.U.I. Charge Reduced to Reckless Operation:

Aside from the above D.U.I. cases, Counsel has represented numerous clients with first offense D.U.I. charges who have refused the test in which the charges have been reduced to reckless operation of a motor vehicle.


BMV License Suspension:

21 year-old client had nine moving violations in two years, including driving while under a 12 point suspension. Lawsuit was filed against BMV, client received operational privileges until license fully reinstated.


Domestic Violence/Assault:

40 year-old client charged with assault. Client had previous felonious assault conviction. Case reduced to disorderly conduct, no jail time, small fine.


Domestic Violence:

35 year-old female client charged with domestic violence and assault. Client pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. No jail time or probation.






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